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AMTL, the MMIC Division of AMPL, is India's largest and best equipped GaAs MMIC design and production house. AMTL has 10 GaAs MMIC design engineers. Each engineer is provided with industry standard MMIC CAD software that includes circuit simulators like Agilent ADS, AWR Microwave Office along with ADS momentum and Sonnet for EM simulation. In addition, AMTL has access to other higher end software for 3D EM simulation etc.

AMTL has its own RF on-wafer probing test and measurement facility for optimizing designs to various foundry processes. On-wafer RF probing provides an excellent platform to validate and fine tune designs.

AMTL, the MMIC Division of AMPL, has state-of-the art assembly, test and packaging facilities. AMPL owns the largest Space Qualified MMIC assembly and test facility in India. Packaging of MMICs is also undertaken as per customer requirement. Using the in-house facility, Ceramic and hermetically sealed packaged MMICs can be delivered. For Hermetically sealed packages, gross and fine leak test can be conducted as required. Our Environmental test facility is capable of carrying out Temperature-cycling, Burn-in, Mechanical Shock test, vibration test on all three axes, and thermo-vacuum tests.

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